Matthew 5:1-2 – He Began To Teach Them


When he saw the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. Then he began to teach them, saying:

Matthew 5:1-2 is the first mention of Disciple in the New Testament. Jesus goes up on the mountain and the disciples follow him and come to Him. He begins to teach them about the kingdom of God. In the first 12 verses, He explains the attitudes and progression that is needed for the kingdom and the earth.

This gives us a great look into how we as disciples should walk. We should be following and pursuing Jesus to teach us. Seeking, asking and knocking are habits we should cultivate in our lives

This week we are starting the F260 – New Testament reading plan. In addition, we will be memorizing the Beatitudes, so get ready for this exciting practice. By the way, the video above contains the first two verses to store in our hearts.

What will it look like? Each week we will be reading five chapters and memorizing two verses. I will bring Sunday’s message from the readings and then have followup discussions on our Thursday night Bible study. In this way, we will be reading and memorizing new content, but in our small group, we will be reviewing what was covered on Sunday and the previous week. There is nothing better than repetition for getting the Word of God hidden in your heart.

The Sermon on the Mount covers three chapters that are probably the densest teaching from Jesus in the New Testament. If we are following Him, shouldn’t we know what He taught?

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