Sunday Morning – 10/18/2020


The Power of the Gospel shows us how we are saved (Romans 1:16-17 CSB). It sets us free from sin: past, present, and future.

The Purpose of the Gospel is what we were saved for.

In light of the Gospel, what were you saved for?
Ask 1-3 people this week and post your findings in the comments below.

1 thought on “Sunday Morning – 10/18/2020”

  1. As I talked with people this week here is what I heard when asking, “In light of the Gospel, what were you saved for?”

    Communion with God, serving others.
    Radical Love – It has been life-changing to witness love in action and the change the Holy Spirit makes in the lives of people treated with compassion

    I would say I fall in behind Paul as he said in Eph 2:10. Paul states we have been created in Christ for good works. So I believe the reason for our salvation is that almighty God loved us enough to willingly come and die for us. Redeeming us by grace through faith in what He accomplished on the cross that we might receive the new life He’s offered so we can be like Him because we are empowered by Him “To do good works and bring glory to Him in the process”. We have been saved unto good works not saved by our good works but saved unto good works.

    I was saved because God loves us and wants a relationship with us! He wants us to spread the good news of the gospel so others can be saved also! And I was saved because He wants us to live in eternity with Him!!


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